APRIL 6, 2003

Finally, the date for the annual alumni dinner has been delivered to me: April 8, 2003. All those who wish to attend are urged to call (718) 258-9006 Ext. 244 to leave a message with Mrs. Rosenblum that they wish to attend. I, personally am reserving a spot for myself, but I may not show up till after 9:00 PM. For anyone who will not be attending, this website is your forum to let anyone know and to shmooze with anyone you want to since you won't be attending. For any further questions, please email me and i will try to answer your questions.


Because of the Sakonos Nefashos of excessive drinking, Rabbi Turk, shlit"a has made a request of the b'nei haYeshiva to "cut back" on livesumei this year. This year, the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah were mesaken that no one should drink hard liquor on Purim. There is no mitzvah except for wine. This takanah prompted Rabbi Turk to make a request of the b'nei Hayeshiva. The request is simple. For all those who can manage, since there is no mitzvah to get drunk at night, please try not to drink anything alcoholic. This was not a rule. It was a request that started at a vaad for the BM.

I am being Mepharsem the request on this site. It really would not be such a big deal to do it, anyway.        -Shenker

FEBRUARY 28, 2003

A new class list is up on the site. Check out CLASS LIST. This version is less graphical, but it loads much quicker and it gives you sort of an idea of how much longer there is to wait until it is ready. I have still included the same animation files as on the original. I would really appreciate you letting me know if any information needs to be updated (addresses, phone numbers, etc. and especially E-mails).

FEBRUARY 27, 2003:

The first bit of news for this page is that contrary to Aharon Oberlander's belief, Mr. Rogers died last night (2/27/03) and he has been alive till then. So whatever debates about this that we had in Mesivta, I win!!!! This story is all over the news. Click here to see the story.

If you would like to go to the Mister Roger's Neighborhood Homepage, click here.



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